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Chincoteague Island to Eastville Va. Day Trip


Begin your Chincoteague Island to Eastville Virginia day trip taking VA-175 south to Atlantic Avenue, then going west 2.7 miles to VA-695.  Continue west 2.1 miles to US-13, then head south for about 47 miles to Willow Oak Road, and you're there!  Your trip should take about 70 minutes.

Eastville History and Attractions:
Eastville Virginia Courthouse 1731Imagine standing on a set of courthouse steps which were already forty-five years old when the Declaration of Independence was read from them in 1776   Then picture yourself leaving those steps to head across the Courthouse green for a bowl of piping hot oyster stew accompanied by sweet potato biscuits and an Eastern Shore dinner of broiled crab cakes and fried oysters, served in a setting of the same Colonial Virginia elegance which has been a hallmark of the Eastville Inn since 1780.

Treat yourself to a day trip from Chincotague to Eastville, Virginia, and those imaginings can be a reality.  Eastville may be home to barely more than two hundred people, but what it lacks in population it more than makes up for in historical significance.  Founded in 1680, Eastville is now in its third century as the Northampton County seat, and you can witness the spot on which much of its  past unfolded by spending time at the town green.

There you'll find not only the original Courthouse and Clerk's Office, both built in 1731 (the Clerk's Office holds records which were a century old when it opened its doors) but the 1814 Debtor's Prison and the "new" Courthouse, built in 1899.  The green also had a militia barracks during the Revolution, and has a monument to the Confederate soldiers of Northampton and Accomack Counties. 

Sunset on Chesapeake BayThe green itself was the place where citizens from all over the area would gather on Court Day, an event as important to community socializing as it was to community justice Court Day was characterized by drinking, sports, and friends catching up with friends.  The Old Courthouse, like the other buildings on the green, still contains many of its original furnishings although it has been moved from its original location, where the Confederate monument now stands.

The Old Courthouse was built by John Marshall, the grandfather of thefuture Supreme Court Chief Justice of the same name, for a price of fifty thousand pounds of tobacco. Tobacco, in Colonial Virginia was a good as gold.

Get a memento of your Chincoteague Island day trip to Eastville at the Gallery at Eastville, where you can find handmade sweaters, jewelry, block prints, wood carvings, and art glass  all inspired by the natural beauty of the Eastern Shore.  And if you want more of Eastville than you can enjoy in a day, spend the night at Windrush Farm, an 1850 country farmhouse bed and breakfast from which you can set out on a birding or saltwater fishing adventure before returning to Chincoteague Island!


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